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Sweet Welbeing Therapeutic Honey

95 kr

200 g

Natura Honey – Dolce Benessere (Sweet Wellbeing) thanks to the presence of honeydew honey, echinacea, cat’s claw and astragulus, it helps reinforce the immune system, contributing to defending it against infections.

The Natura honey line stems from an idea to combine the health-giving properties of honey with the curative, soothing and energizing properties of herbs. The products in the Natura Honey line, in six 200 g formulations are officially acknowledged by the Public Health department as food integrators: “functional” products specifically studied to relieve symptoms of inflammation, to reinforce the immune system, to facilitate expectoration and to act as a soothing medication and tonic. A teaspoon of one of these honeys taken every day, preferably in the morning before breakfast, can act as an effective integrator and health aid.