I lager.


130 kr


A portion of honeycomb is presented inside a jar of acacia honey.

The honeycomb is the most raw form of honey It a group of hexagonal wax cells built by the bees to store honey and pollen. The beekeeper removes the honeycomb to gather the honey: it is extracted by uncapping the combs, which entails using a special tool to remove the wax cap closing the honeycomb so that it may be spun on the honey extractor using centrifugal force.

Our Raw Comb Honey enables you to experience the taste of newly harvested honey. The wax, which is perfectly edible and pleasant to chew, does not alter the taste of honey and is actually good for the intestine. The honeycomb can be enjoyed straight from the spoon or on a toast, with fruit, in chuncks into cereals or ice scream. Perfect paired with cheese.